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July 2013

Another amazing two months! Many announcements to make but the first is that the second edition of "The end-of-Life Namaste Care Program for People with Dementia" is now available from the publisher, Health Professions Press and on Amazon.

April 2013

So many of you sent positive comments about the first Namaste Care Newsletter; thank you! Of course I had great intentions of writing the second one at least by February and here it is April!

Inaugural Issue - December 2012

I won’t even confess to how long I have been promising to offer a newsletter to keep Namaste Care friends up to date with the latest and greatest news, but here it is....

As most of you know the Namaste Care program started in 2003 at the Vermont Veterans Home. I wrote “The End-of-Life Namaste Care Program for People with Dementia” and it was published in 2007. Since that time, so much has changed, and I am now writing a Namaste Care Newsletter - December 2012 a second edition that (hopefully) will be published next year. The second edition is more like a new book; the result of what I have learned from many of you who are receiving this newsletter.